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About the project
Competition entry for a Kindergarten, Care Center for the Elderly and Public Park at Chania, Greece. The concept of time and how it affects the life of man and the building, and that the same person who experiences the space as a child in the nursery, will visit the building later as a user of the public space, in the neighborhood park and maybe even later at the care center for the elderly.
The whole idea revolves around the art of ceramics. The art of ceramics contributes to the design, through three axes. Firstly, it continues and strengthens the intense interest in Cretan ceramic art, both for the glorious Minoan past and for its modern successors. The materiality of the building is strongly influenced by it, both by its extensive use reused brick, as well as some prefabricated ceramic elements used in the facades, in order to locally differentiate the general type of masonry.

Manto Maurogenous Square, Chania, Greece

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Applicant and authors of the project
NoDāta Architecture.
Innovative and creative design team, with international experience in the fields of architecture and design. We believe in the gathering, processing and usage of data, in order to supply the optimum solution to a design question asked. Site and program analysis, client's dreams and expectations all contribute along with the architectural expertise of our team to the design outcome.
Architectural Design: NoDāta Architecture
Design Team: Christos Gourdoukis, Xenia Papastergiou, Emily Karkoulia, Mirto Kiriazanou.

Other participants
Environmental Design Consultant: Andreas Alygizos
Structural Engineer: Papadimitriou George
Mechanical Engineer: Skiadas George
Location: Chania, Greece