Khaki House: Revitalized House in the Historic District of Yazd

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
The design problem stems from reusing an adobe house in Yazd's historic context. The home has 190 m2 area with a yard of around 7*8 m2. We had just two 9 m2 and one 12 m2 rooms. We chose to create a light parasitic structure on the yard so that we could utilize it as a connecting area between rooms. We covered the yard in order to re-use it as a loft living room for a new life in an authentic form. But the yard desired to view the sky, and if a cover was erected over it, its request would be denied. The idea addressed throughout the design of the yard's cover was to preserve the yard's capacity to observe the sky: the yard's desire is to gaze up at the sky. The attempt was to seek for the sparks to approach the solution, thinking about the shape, materials, and method of creating the parasitic structure with reference to the origins and notion of attention to the context values. Finally, a wooden barrel was made through bendable nature of wood to cover the yard but allow to see the sky.

Golchinan community, Yazd city, Iran 

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Azadeh Khaki Ghasr, architect and co-founder of Sanaat-e-sakhtan office.
Project by Azadeh Khaki Ghasr & Hossein Pourmehdi Ghaemmaghami.


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