King House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Although in American-style houses, the climate reasons like air insulations under the attics or redirection of snow/rain has been the main driver for using pitch roofs, the applications of such roofs hardly make sense in the dry climate of southern California. The King Roof house is pushing the idea of the sloped roof towards creating double curvature and planar composition of roof surfaces and more interior grandiose space.
The adjacent hills of Honky dory in Orange County, California, were the formal inspiration for creating the composition of the roofs. The client (King Roofing Contractor) was interested in putting their signature on the neighborhood through the design process.
The king house offers a prototype that modernizes the essence of an old roof style immersed in a hill through its efficient yet iconic character.

Hunky Dory Lane, Trabuco Canyon, Orange County, California, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
QASTIC Lab Architecture. QASTIC's collaborative practice operates with a unique spirit of experimental curiosity and research through defining questions around fundamental aspects of the projects. As a result of these questions, architectural solutions would emerge through restless studies in program, material qualities and fabrication systems in defining new geometries, structures and forms.
Project by Azin Babakhanlou, Mahdi Alibakhshian, Patricia Bathola, Nguon Keat Tiv, Taraneh Iranpour, Ning Yi, Soroush Sasanian, Clair van der Swan, Connor Van Cleave, Farzad Farahani, Maryam Laleh.

Other participants
Principals in charge: Azin Babakhanlou, Mahdi Alibakhshian
Landscape Designer: Azin Babakhanlou
Structural Engineering: Hooman Nastarin, Nast Enterprises Corp.
Civil: Proactive Engineering Consultants
Visual Artist: Taraneh Iranpour