Landscaping concept for a park in Kuzmolovo

Best Project of Public Space by a Student

About the project
Just a few minutes’ walk from the railway station, the park has a small lake with marsh banks. The author suggested to extend the visible borders of the lake, making it suitable for boating, and to construct a sightseeing bridge with a view over an equestrian center.
Main routes of the site are arranged in three levels. The first one connects major entrance groups with a café and stores, as well as the equestrian center. The latter can also be approached by footwalks running from yards of the currently unfinished residential development. The second one is a bicycle track, and the third one is with footwalks on piles, connecting minor couloirs with benches, a mini-moor with boats, and zones with light installations.

Kuzmolovo urban settlement, the Vsevolozhsk District, the Leningrad Region, Russia

Project design year

Daria Perepyolkina, 4th year student, Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.