La conquista della leggerezza / The conquest of lightness

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
The vertebrate structure installed on the carpet of soil is a possibility of freeing the Angel. The demonic Angel that torments, beats and beats our white nights. Yet there is a golden principle that inspires to cover the entire surface. Perhaps by pulling those illuminated sheets far and wide we can... Desperate action because as soon as you touch those lumps they are dried up, dried. There remains only the last glimmer that mixes the material to demand a lot of work and a long way to cover. Now that the future was yesterday, but nothing is lost yet, because the past is tomorrow!

Genova, Liguria, Italy

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Applicant and author of the project
Gioni David Parra, born in San Giuliano Terme (Pisa), 1962, painter and sculptor. He lives in Viareggio and works in Pietrasanta. Gioni David Parra focuses his attention on Matter and Light, analyzed over years of study. We find in him a real love for work and for the preparatory act, which has merged into his mixed techniques and collected in the Projects series. The tireless search for him designs possible new existential and spiritual balances from the unknown, despite his powerful and decisive sculpture.

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