Laniakea — an Intergalactic Phenomenon

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About the project
Space Launch Complex Laniakea combines space flight preparation facilities, acts as a kinetic jetty for launching and receiving spacecrafts revolutionizing future space exploration.
Laniakea is a future non-rocket launching spaceport equipped with a powerful magnetic accelerator.
Technically, Laniakea is a supercomputer capable of creating a virtual copy of a large part of the observable Universe, especially the Laniakea supercluster. In the virtual copy of the supercluster, it is possible to simulate terraforming planets, mining in space and using the energy of stars.
Obtained research results will be used to create conditions in space suitable for human life on other planets.
Laniakea emerges as a new typology of artificial intelligence capable of sustaining human civilization.
The composition of the Laniakea spaceport: arrival platform, scanning segment, terminals, control center, supercomputer, energy storage, magnetic accelerator.


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Applicant and author of the project
Svetlana Starygina.
Graduated with honors from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. Svetlana holds an Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture, successfully completed her Master of Architecture degree during an exchange at the University of Hong Kong.
Svetlana has been awarded the prestigious Carl Appel Prize (2016-17) for work in the field of architecture.
In Russia Svetlana graduated with honors from the Moscow College of Architecture and Management in Construction.