Life Bridge

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Shiraz is one of the major tourist cities in Iran with rich cultural history. The gardens of Qasrdasht, Chamran Mountain and Khoshk River, due to their background and role in tourism on an urban scale, are known as natural landmarks of Shiraz. Also, location of the Salamat sidewalk in the vicinity of the above natural elements and with a compatible function with them, has strengthened the tourist character of the area.
According to the name of the project which is the bridge of life, this design is based on the concept of «life», and we have tried to display «The flow of life» on the bridge. Horizontal curves symbolize the tortuous path of each person's life, and vertical curves, in addition to providing bridge function, with a proper pedestrian slope, symbolize the ups and downs of life. Each pedestrian crossing the bridge overlooks other parts of the bridge and observes the flow of others. 

Shiraz, Iran

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Milad Eshtiyaghi was born 1994 in Tehran, Iran. After graduating from high school, he entered the Faculty of Architecture and received Master’s degree in sustainable Architecture at IUST (Iran University of Sciences and Technology). Milad Eshtiyaghi was designing in several architectural offices until he was able to create his own architectural office in 2016. He is currently designing architecture internationally. Milad follows the minimalist, green and sustainable architectural style.