Llano Apartment

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
For this project, an apartment in Mexico City, we established premises that guided the entirety of the design development. We sought to enhance amplitude and take advantage of the double height, insert maximum natural light and permeate the interior with the exterior environment through large windows.

Lomas de Vista Hermosa, Mexico City, Mexico

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
ARCHETONIC, Mexico City based study with more than 30 years of practice in architecture projection. All our projects have the base commitment to improve the environment. We design spaces with a systemic methodology: self-sufficient and sensitive to the context, with spatial quality and economic responsibility, always keeping in mind that architecture is to inhabit, serve and coexist in society. We approach challenges of any scale, typology and temporality.
Project by Alan Micha Balas + Jacobo Micha Mizrahi + Jaime Micha Balas.

Other participants
Design Team: Alfredo Muñoz, Luis A. Morelos, Jessica Steiner.
Construction Team: Miguel Ángel Matus, Moises Chiver, Guadalupe Jiménez.
Area: 322 M2
Structural design: Víctor Alfonso Ruiz Medina
Lighting design: Luz + Forma
MEP engineering: DIMA
Furniture: MIIN
Landscape architecture: Plantica
Photography and Shorfilm Credits: Arturo Arrieta.

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