Lord Melchett historic garden

Best Implemented Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
Lord Melchett Garden is a public garden built around a building that has undergone historic preservation and now is open to the public and also serves as an events' garden and hosts a cafe- restaurant. We planned this garden to have many secret spots and beautiful paths interlaced in the topography that was present or we created when needed. The plants and trees are planned to be part of the local list of plants non — harmful and beneficial to the endemic flora. The garden is recently planted.

Tel Mond, Israel

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Galim Ganim landscape architecture.
Experienced landscaping firm based in Israel. We plan and build landscape projects and gardens and create many wonderful worlds of nature and vegetation all over Israel, gardens well integrated in the surrounding Mediterranean landscape.

Other participants
Other-wise Studio, Arc. Rotem Zeevi, Arc. Shimon Asban.
Photographer Ben Rothstein.