Low-rise development in Smolenskaya village

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About the project
The site of 24.8 hectares is used to locate 3-storey apartment houses, a public center with a mini market, a checkpoint, a nursery for 200 kids, play and sports grounds, a tennis court, and an open swimming pool. The site borders on a forest, which makes it unique in terms of landscape admiration.
The city villas aren’t a typical housing option for Russia. They comprise European-grade apartments – light, roomy, with comfortable layouts and high ceilings, as well as spacious balconies. Lawns can be accessed from the balconies of the ground floor apartments, and apartments on the top floor have real fire places. Up to 84% of the site are used for landscaping and parkings.

Seversky District, Krasnodar Region, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
AXIS, design bureau