Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
For the Anniversary of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s birthday, this public art facility was established in the premises of Vladimir Mayakovsky Library during the Here You Go Festival.
The library courtyard is some kind of a triangular, which was great for a triple installation along its perimeter. The story has it that the poet once presented Lilya Urievna Brik with a ring that had her initials repeating on it, making the LUB monogram become a continuous ‘LUBLU’ (Rus. LOVE). Thus, if you stood in the center of the artpiece designed, you would read this word repeatedly as soon as you turned.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Andrey Punin, curator of Environmental Design and Interior, National Research University — Higher School of Economics
Arina Mokshina, Eva Chernykh, Vitaliya Astratova, Nikolay Krylov — Environmental Design students

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