MAC HABANA. SILOS REGLA. Ideas for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Havana.

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
A museum of the future metaverse. A great post-industrial viewpoint museum of Havana, as Havana contemplates it  art object and multiple space between grain silos, cranes and warehouses reflected in the sea mirror. The obsession to trap and transgress the industrial context of the bay, revaluing its territory, promoting cultural growth in Havana beyond its traditional environments dedicated to art, foreseeing that these industrial installations adhere to the contemporary vocation of urban recycling. The Vicente Regla Estate brings together a set of magnificent industrial facilities, among which the silos stand out with their slenderness; a valuable post-industrial heritage, a future public multifunctional urban setting. These seductive structures will have to be adapted to the most advanced techniques and technologies at the time; but the vision will always be to manipulate the existing building object in contrast to the new, with art and as art, from architecture.

Havana, Cuba

Project design year

Project website

Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.) CrcsNtSEKUQnJeZn7on9l/ zt2EwmtiTBS28SuRJLl&id=100002118233348 BVQvj6iokUqmny4t6pl&id=100010217985878

Applicant and authors of the project
U + D arquitectura / A.R.O. Estudio
Project by architects Universo Garcia Lorenzo, Daniel Muñoz Cedeño (U + D arquitectura) & Maria Carla Ojeda Arisso (A.R.O. Estudio).

Other participants
Curators of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba: Jorge Fernandez / Delia Maria Lopez Campistrous.
Music for the video by Gaston Joya.
Art work for references. Rafael San Juan.
Sponsors: Fundacion Ludwig de Cuba / Genesis Galerias de Arte.

Status of the project
Conceptual design


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