Makedonska 44

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Makedonska 44 is an office building in central Belgrade. It was designed to provide modern work place and attract the interest of local business community. A strong, clean and minimal expression was used to raise the appeal of the tenants and local surroundings as well.
The main feature of the building front is a strong grid of vertical and horizontal lines that form large openings for glass surfaces. The grid being very firm at the corner of the building slowly disintegrates as we approach to the left and the right end, with windows becoming smaller. The gradual change in the size of inclining walls forms an architectural play that moves in different direction as we move from one floor to the other.
Strong pillars in the street level appear to be tree story high. Also, the two entrances to the building are heavily stressed by removing of the concrete plate of the first floor. This has created two high portal gates making entrances into a strong accents in façade dynamics.

44 Makedonska str., Belgrade, Serbia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Remorker Architects.
Studio highly specialized in both architecture and interior design. We believe these are branches a same tree. We believe that through dedicating to both we can grow and learn more.
In the past 5 years studio has done some of the best reconstruction works of public buildings in Serbia as well as numerous office interiors for the local fast growing business community.
At the moment we are doing the reconstruction of the two historical landmark buildings in Belgrade.

Other participants
Main contractor: ArmontSP