Marinero en tierra / Sailor Ashore

Best Design Project for Library

About the project
A window to the sea, a look at the infinite horizon and a gathering of the voices of the most intelligent, curious, creative and fascinating men and women who have passed through history. A look at the sea and a look that seeks inside the books, listening and talking, through the eyes, as Quevedo would say, their stories, thoughts and ideas. A double gaze like this, a gaze that expands into the sea, and a gaze into the inner void, which is compressed in search of the intimate encounter, of the conversation with the book, and with what of oneself is in it.
Marinero en Tierra (Sailor Ashore) ... a lighthouse, a beached ship, a cool shade, and a yard.
The delightful location of the new Salvador de Rueda Municipal Public Library, almost in the Balcón de Europa square and at the same time on the Nerja cornice overlooking the sea, opens great possibilities that we wanted to take advantage of.

Málaga, Spain

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Estudio Cano Lasso.
Originates in 1949 when Julio Cano Lasso, gold medal for architecture in Spain and member of the Royal Academy of Arts, starts his professional practice. Today, the firm is run by Diego, Gonzalo and Alfonso Cano pintos, who combine this with teaching as university professors. Their projects have been included in a large selection of books and international magazines, including eleven monographic books.