Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Mato house emerges at the end of a Cul de Sac, in a trapezoidal Lot that ends in a big curve in front of the lake. Right from the beginning, the client’s wish was for the house to receive as much sunlight as possible. This was challenging given the orientation of the lot, but ultimately gave us the main concept for the design of the project.
Being in front of a lake that opens up to the north on its horizons, contact with nature was clearly inherent to the project. The idea was for the house to emerge from the ground, creating a light well in its center, completely open to sunlight. As a result, an ascending spiral is created around said space, generating 360º views all the way to its top, and also receiving as much sunlight as possible.
The house “opens up” towards the lake so as to take advantage of the lots geometry, thus maximizing its potential. This criteria allows for the entire public area of the house to have a straight view of the lake. 

Escobar, Argentina

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Applicant and authors of the project
Atelier Matias Mosquera.
A creative Atelier that is constantly searching and experimenting, integrated by a collaborative team, with the aim of creating productive, healthy designs, baes on circular economy.
Project by Matias Mosquera, Cristian Grasso, Camila Gianicolo, Sebastian Karagozlu, Carolina Tobar.