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About the project
Merribee has been designed over 20 years as an evolving garden, to create a European inspired garden, that is a place of peace and tranquilly.
Our central topiary garden we call 'The Dordogne' as it shares some of the features of the great elevated gardens of Marqueyssac on the Dore River in France. Our gardens also feature a lavender field, a rose and hydrangea farm and over 30 outdoor garden rooms featuring flowering and fruiting ornamental plantings. Merribee hosts garden visitors and wedding functions.

660 Comerong Island Road, Numbaa, NSW 2540, Australia

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Applicants and authors of the project
Richard & Lucy Marshall.
Merribee is a tourism garden attraction, located on the NSW South Coast, Australia. The property is set on 7 acres of landscaped gardens and amenities. The Marshall's bought the property in 2000 — then mostly open paddocks and one or two run-down cottages. They have spent the last 20 years designing and growing the gardens and installing the amenities. The gardens feature over 1,000 rose, over 10,000 buxus and hedging plants and a lavender paddock.
James Thompson in collaboration with the owners, is responsible for the landscape design.