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Amsterdam architecture practice GG-loop designed Mitosis, a modular building system for regenerative, environmentally conscious living and collective residential/mixed-use development. Designed with biophilic principles and parametric design tools, the prefab timber modules would be optimized for flexibility and scalability to allow for construction in a variety of conditions. Options range from off-grid, single-family homes to high-density, mixed-use zones.
Named after the biological process of a single cell dividing itself into two identical daughter cells, the Mitosis project was designed to mimic a flexible organism that evolves to adapt to different settings. The scalable buildings would be made up of individual, rhomboid-shaped modules stacked together to create shared outdoor spaces and private terraces. These outdoor areas would be generously planted with greenery to reconnect residents with nature.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Applicant and authors of the project
Amsterdam-based multi-disciplinary architecture practice established in 2014 by Giacomo Garziano. GG-loop draws on an international network, deriving its strength from a focus on biophilic design and putting users first when responding to the design brief.
Projects range from product design to large scale urban planning and design for the real estate, retail, infrastructure and culture industries.
Design Team Gianmarco Daniele, Chelsea Fu, Giacomo Garziano.

Other participants
Program multi-functional regenerative CLT collective housing, year 2020
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