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About the project
Our house is composed by a hybrid and highly tech structural system. The main material is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), which is found in the slabs and walls. The wood is also a sustainable material that contributes to our zero carbon emission mission.
The house is fully pre-fabricated, or entirely built in factory, which means we work in a quality controlled environment, bringing housing manufacturing to life. That means we reduce construction time as increase construction quality.
Our Modu|lar| embodies compact and comfort living at its best. It is, in effect, constructed from three modules, interlocked together. Each one of the can be transported in isolation. We took care of wet areas such as kitchen and our two bathrooms, as we did put them together in the same module to facilitate transportation.
The bedroom have ample space for bed, study desk and wardrobe.
Modu|lar| is a compact house that works as a holiday rental or a two bedroom long stay accommodation.

Mucugê, Bahia, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
Floc.o Arquitetura Modular.
Architecture and interior design studio focused on intelligent and sustainable solutions with headquarters in São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil. We believe in strengthening not only the construction system, but also a construction culture, where there is decentralization of production units and development of partnerships with all those involved in the construction industry.
Architects Diego Viana, Paula Louzada