MoMAS (Modern Museum of Audible Space Architects)

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
MoMAS is a network of installations, art galleries, and spaces for artists to create — proposed as an expansion of the public space around New York’s shoreline. Using sound as the connective tissue – it embodies the ambition of creating a languageless communication between the different components that compose the art world. The project not only accommodates sound related installations, but it is an instrument capable of producing and manipulating sound, with its design based upon sound visualisation methods derived from the research of physicist and musician Ernst Chladni.
With cohabiting spaces for artists New York is kept available for a diverse population. The spaces open for social interactions, encouraging discourse and cross-disciplinary collaborations through constantly transforming the adjoining public areas. It is an interconnected collection of spaces created to support, display, and integrate art and artists into the fast paced and quite challenging life of the city.

Pier 26 at Hudson River Park, New York City, NY 10013, USA

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Witchaya Jingjit, Emma Sanson, Patricia Tibu, students at Studio Hani Rashid, IoA (Institute of Architecture) — University of Applied Arts Vienna.