Moose Observation Deck

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About the project
Standing tall in the forest with its colossal built, wooden frame, and public art-like architecture shaped like a moose head marks the visualization of Sri Lankan-based designer Thilina Liyanage for his recent work ‘Alaska Moose Observation Deck.’ At a first glance, it may invoke the memory of Greek’s Trojan Horse, but Liyanage’s concept strays from adopting such an influence as he nods to the subspecies of moose that populates Alaska and Western Yukon. Setting one’s eyes on his architectural design – one that deviates from being a concrete design – Liyanage conceives an observation deck to witness the grandeur of nature and vista from above, adopts the Alaska Moose as his foundation, places his structure in the heart of greenery, and marries guests with the exploration of the earthspace.

Central Province, Sri Lanka

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Thilina Liyanage

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Conceptual design

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