Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Located in a residential area in downtown Seoul with physical regulations that create fundamental environmental constraints, project MOTTAGI 99 (‘Mottagi’ means cutting off a corner: chamfering) blurs the rigid boundaries of the surrounding area. This project started with a question about the typology of urban housing, which has become results of a combination with urban regulation and individual profit desires against it. MOTTAGI 99 is a five-story multi-family housing for five families and with a retail on the first floor.
Pedestrians come across the monolithic mass on the street, while visually facing the unoccupied ground space and the largely removed upper void of the building. This distinct fullness and voidness of the building mass is the result of being defined by external forces.
The ‘variation of chamfering’ of the mass continues inside, and it is further amplified in the 4 & 5th floor residences where client’s family live.

Seoul, Korea

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Applicant and authors of the project
Agit Studio (Jamin Seo, Guen-Il Huh).
Emerging practice of architecture based in Seoul founded in 2013.
Our work strive to ask questions to society and life accompanying the dynamically changing phenomena and issues of modern urban society. We understand modernism and have grown based on its value, but we are also interested in by-products that are deceptive. It is related to locality, present, city, place, speed and direction, humans and humor. Our works proceed with interactions on this relationship.