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There is certainly no other city in Brazil with such a unique, striking, and rich silhouette. Rio de Janeiro's image is recognized worldwide. How to insert a design capable of making its silhouette even richer and more distinguished? How to promote an architecture that is complicit with the existing landscape, but materialized contemporaneously? Our team's proposal is the result of a convergence of factors established by the project’s context and program. When raising the pier's sidewalk plan, the historical vessels are moored perpendicularly, as if they were crossing the body of the building, giving space to the vessels for them to enter, creating a unique architectural feature. The building's design brings references to an important “geographic” work in Rio de Janeiro, the “Aqueduto”. Its typological characteristics carry different functions but require the same need: physical permeability through large spans, to support the flow of water or a public walk linearly.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Alencar Arquitetura.
Brazilian office based in the city of Blumenau — SC. We are a multidisciplinary team committed to Contemporary Architecture, acting in any type, scale, challenge or address. Founded over 15 years ago by Nicholas Alencar, the office has collaborative teams in the field of architecture, interiors and construction management.
We create, through an innovative, sustainable and realistic architecture, inspiring spaces for people to share their lives, experiences, work.