Museum of Bank of Mexico

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About the project
The restoration and transformation of México's Central Bank was the engine behind the project, transforming the building's first three floors into a museum. The «Museo Banco de México» is located inside its main building, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.
The project addressed the two permanent exhibition halls on the main floor, one dedicated to the origins of currency, the other focusing specifically on México's Central bank. Downstairs, the vault, and safe deposit box spaces became multimedia spaces, and the mezzanine upstairs where the restrooms, temporary exhibition spaces, and the museum store are. The renovation project did not include the existing upstairs offices where the bank's Governor and the top Bank Officials currently work. The new circulation now allows access to the original vaults and its historical Safe Deposit Box space beneath the main hall.

Mexico City, Mexico

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Applicant and authors of the project
R I W A arquitectura.
Project by R I W A arquitectura and MIDE

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Photo: Jaime Navarro

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