Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
Muzeon is an innovative museum of Jewish history in Cluj, started from a personal search of the curators in their family past. It is an experience, not a traditional museum, based more on personal stories than on exhibition objects, each visitor going through the space with the help of a character who audio guides him. The visual concept supports the audio journey, transposing or intensifying a certain atmosphere and is very connected to the audio story.
Each space is visually independent for better support of the audio story, some spaces have realistic elements while others are much more abstract.
Lighting is an important element, which takes into account the state of the community, if at first everything is bright, the light gradually decreases towards the period of anti-Semitism, the wagon is almost in darkness, then each character's path is put in a different light cone, then bright light comes again.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Applicant and authors of the project
Atelier MASS is an architectural studio based in Cluj (RO), established in March 2011. It was formed by a team of architects who shared the passion for projects that expand the boundaries of professional practice. Their design work seeks open collaborations with people from other fields to achieve better solutions in different architecture related areas. Their guideline is the common interest in researching the Romanian urban environment and identifying small scale ways to improve it.

Another participants
Interior design: Camelia Sisak, Roxana Udrescu (Atelier MASS)
Curator — Flavia Craioveanu
Technical Director — Dan Craioveanu
Graphics — Cătălina Nistor
VR Projects – 4D Pixel
Models — Istvan Matuz
Historical consultants — Zoltán Tibori-Szabó, József Luckács
Text consultant — Cătălin Bogdan
Audio recorder — Boom Studio
Photo — Gouwy Lieven