Nahid Office/Commercial Building

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About the project
In the design of Nahid office and commercial building, by considering the presence of users in their working place in most hours of the day, we have achieved a different quality. Design of this building delivers an environmental concept to the observer. The connection of the internal spaces to the exterior is easily possible by locating the vertical access to the edge of the building. The interior design approach places a lot of emphasis on transparency and openness of office space, not only does it provide a healthy administrative space, but also creates a different concept of an office building. Given that the location of the project is in a dense context of the city, a limited material palette was chosen for the facade. Simple brick layout patterns and kinetic porous sheet metal to refract intense southern light.

Western Nahid alley, Jordan Street, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Atizist started its journey since early 2000s. The use of modern management methods, a special view as an architectural consultant on how to interact with the client and, most importantly, maintaining the principle of flexibility and logic in architectural design, has always led to the increasing prosperity of this firm.
Lead architects: Ehsan Maleki and Yekta Afarin.
Design Team: Hassan Abedi, Mahsa Dabbagh

Other participants
Client: Ahmad Javidpour, Nader Hosseini Rad
Project Manager: Arash Vaheedi
Project Civil Execution: Hossein Rezaei
Mechanical Installation Consultant: Kianoosh Mohammadi
Clients: Arash Vahidi & Associates
Structural Consulting: Arse Tadbir Bana Company

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