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About the project
It is a cultural project, located in the capital, which includes a first phase that houses a group of galleries and a cafeteria. The second block is the library building and the art school. Panama does not currently have an infrastructure of this kind, and the project represents the link between this transit country and the Panama Canal. The concept of the project is an envelope with organic forms representing the two seas that surround our country, and how they envelop all the natural and cultural riches that we possess. The representation of water as a main element that enters the building and makes it part of it, together with a sculpture garden, connects this relationship with the exterior. The landscape design emerges as a connection with the Cinta Costera, creating a useful public space, with tropical vegetation, urban furniture and an amphitheatre. A project that is for the city, that represents its people and in this way promotes art on a national level.

Ciudad de Panama, Panama

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Applicant and author of the project
Ebdulber Jimenez Davidson.
Architecture and design student at the University of Panama. 24 years old, currently doing his final degree project. «Photography has always been my passion, the approach, the perspective has worked for me to better express my personality in each design project. Altruistic architecture has always been my direction to follow: everyone has the right to quality housing.»