Nest House

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About the project
The main objective of the project is to be a place of rest, refuge, and especially a meeting space for family members, which was poetically interpreted by the architect as the construction of a nest that shelters and brings together all generations. The main concept is to use pergolas to architecturally mimic the small branches and sticks that are incorporated in the construction of a nest, an element that dictates the rhythm, and embraces the entire project, framing the landscape, and later extending as the structure.
Similar to the branch that birds perch to rest and enjoy nature, a large wooden bench was created to accompany the promenade of the residence, so that users can also enjoy the biophilia created by the landscape design.
The project has several suites and generous environments, since the house was designed to be used collectively. All spaces are connected by a beveled wood crown, which is supported by the pergola by transforming into wooden beams under the social volume.

Itu, São Paulo, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
Felipe Caboclo arquitetura.
Project by Felipe Caboclo, Amana Roveri e Bianca Monti

Other participants
Photographer Leonardo Finotti

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