Niger International Airport

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The Republic of Niger needs a new way to enter the country via sky, a new international airport in the capital city Niamey. The Building will represent the gateway into The Republic of Niger, displaying the modern development of the country, and acting as a bridge to connect it with the global community and countries worldwide. It will be the great international transportation facility of Niger.
Niger International Airport is set to serve Niamey with both domestic and international terminals. The concept of the design of this airport represents the welcoming connection to the global community as this country enthusiastically steps into the new era.
The Inspiration for the design team began with the origin of the aircraft propeller. This conceptual theme was developed into the modern form of the airport terminal, defining the identity of the project. The smooth and simple, yet modern design of the space extends to its use and functions.

Niamey, Niger

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
N012 Group company limited.
Driven by the team’s desire to design masterpieces of the architectural vision that create unique identities. We do not rely on fixed models or styles for our creativity but through expansive research to generate new inspirations that relate projects and clients. We consider in depth the background story of each project and client to develop a bonded architectural insight.

Other participants
Trans Tuareg company limited