Nikitina quarter

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About the project
«Nikitina» is a quarter of eight urban-villas, which are low-rise single-entrance houses, and tower. The task of the project was to create not just a set of apartments on a certain plot of land, but to make sure that the urban fabric was not disturbed, and the project would ideally fit into both the urban and natural context. A chamber space has been formed in the quarter, great attention is paid to places where people unite and intersect so that all neighbors know each other and can create communities within this area. Also attention was paid to the accessibility of green areas (courtyards, parks) in the master plan of the project. Public spaces of the courtyard give way to cozy chamber gardens between houses — forest, water, flower garden and hedges, and continue with promenade alleys. Here, the access of cars to the territory is closed, preference is given to sports and “healthy” leisure of residents — there are a large number of sports grounds, cycling and jogging tracks.

Novosibirsk, Russia

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Brusnika Development.
Real estate developer founded in Tyumen, Siberia back in 2004. Being the company with a new vision on building process it has grown into one of the five biggest construction enterprises with offices in many Russian cities. Through collaboration with leading internationally recognized architects and designers, constantly tests and integrates new solutions to improve its product and customer living experience. Now it is one of the most reputable real estate developers in Russia.

Authors of the project
DROM Architects

Other participants
Layouts ー Brusnika Design
Communal space interiors ー Brusnika Design
Landscape architecture ー Novascape
Execution and construction ー Brusnika Development