Nofey Yam Sports center

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

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Nofei Yam Sports Center overlooking the sea to the west, was designed as a diverse public building used by the local community. The cylindrical shape and placement in a north-westerly direction produce an axis penetrating the structure onto the horizon as binoculars to the sea. The building is accessible and serves the local community cultural events. The sports hall shell consists of steel arches of the varying cross-section that include a filling of thermo-acoustic tin molds inspired by the world of aviation and aircraft. These arches transfer the loads to the base of the structure and reduce the required static height. The shell of the building encloses an air layer that provides excellent thermal insulation. The hall's air conditioning uses air diffusers at the minimum necessary height where the spectators are in the upper gallery for low energy consumption. The hot air rises naturally and is emitted through round openings which are also used for natural light and smoke release.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Applicant and authors of the project
Dana Oberson Architects.
Dana Oberson, an Israeli-based leading architect, specializing in the design of projects on various scales. From luxury villas and apartments, private and public commercial spaces, offices to hotels and resorts in Israel and worldwide. Dana Oberson Architects studio, founded in 2002 by Oberson, maintains a holistic approach to all planning components. From environmental and landscaping aspects through the complex understanding of architectural spaces and the unique perspective to details & FF&E.
Dana Oberson, Oded Livyatan in collaboration with Bodek Architects.