Nursery School & Elderly Day Care Center

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About the project
The main idea of the design stems from the longstanding cultural and therefore architectural tradition of Crete. Organized around an atrium, the configuration of the building units is inspired from the Minoan palaces to the present day “metochia”. In addition, large tapered skylights combined with colorful murals, instill a toponymic character on the architectural form. These elements trigger the imagination of its different users, forming a space that has the capacity to generate memories that will forever follow its inhabitants.
The optimal composition of the various spaces according to the principles of bioclimatic design, the harmonious combination of different scales regarding each function, and the expression of archetypal symbols, were the central axes of the architectural design. A neighborhood park, a nursery and a day care center for elderly people, compose the local center for the neighborhood of Chania.

Chania, Crete, Greece

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Applicant and authors of the project
17 i Architecture.
Open Architecture Workshop Office based in Pankrati, Athens Greece co-founded by Spyros Yiotakis, Kimon Konstandaras, Magdalini Petroleka, Giorgos Bougioukos and Achilleas Nasioulas. The name 17 i derives from the location of the office address: 17 Ieronos Street, Pangrati. The aim of 17 i is to create a working space of equal members that will have the capacity to promote research by design in different scales, from industrial object design to urban planning.
Architects Kimon Konstandaras, Spyros Yiotakis, Magdalini Petroleka