Nyonya Manis Drinking Club

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
One of the historical building in Braga, a preserved historiс street in Bandung City, was designed to be a hidden speak-easy bar, with aim to bring the heritage spirit back to life, give it right to exist, and adapt it to current society. Unlike most of other buildings in Braga, the old façade was celebrated without any intervention, with the front area was opened and transformed into a street-food concept dim sum restaurant with its high-ceiling covered with old papers from the local vintage market.
An intimate bar was hidden, tucked away behind the dim sum area with unexpected entrance appeared as the storage shelf. The center bar table with the band stage above it became the main attraction, surrounded by various seats and preserved mezzanine floor. The concept is to respect the art-deco style of existing building, combined with Indonesian detail elements to recall the pop culture of the 90’s and create an entertainment experience in nostalgic building.

Braga Street, Bandung, Indonesia

Project implementation year

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Applicants and authors of the project
Seniman Ruang, Helen Agustine

Other participants
Builder: Midamel
Photographer: Celvin Leowardi
Lighting Consultant: ErreLuce


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List of the laureates is available here.