Ocean Front Community

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
The objective of the project was to create a new mix use development on the Pacific Oceanfront of Mexico.
The project proposes a new park and plaza, a gift to the city and its inhabitants at the base of the towers by virtually integrating the boardwalk into the land, we created a curve that opens the space and invites people in, creating a new experience for the retail and restaurants at the base level of the project with big terraces and gardens with trees and fountains that offers shade and fresh air to the visitors and residents, connecting the interior with the exterior and incredible views to the ocean. We were able to solve this by proposing two robotic parking systems at the rear part of the base of towers where views are less attractive and covering them with green vertical gardens to create nice views for the neighbours. This public space is repeated in higher levels at the sky lobbies of the office and hotel components in both towers allowing visitors to enjoy the views.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Revolution, multicultural and socially diverse group of architects, designers, thinkers and inventors seeking to develop new solutions to our continuing changing world. «As our society evolves so should our built environment, we have the possibility and responsibility to create the world of our dreams and adapt our cities, homes, workplace, public space and infrastructure to our way of living.» Office is based in Mexico City.