Best Design Project for Library

About the project
The intervention consists of a light support in the space, almost ethereal, leaving a modern mark without almost stepping on the space, thus putting in value what surrounds us.
The building will be inserted into the land, hiding a cultural program for the city, and in the plaza it appears reflected as a paper that floats in space, generating a new plaza above it. This paper will be treated as an origami piece, which will be folded to create connections with the existing plaza, cut and folded to allow light to enter the building, and will create an attractive and controlled Access to the new library. It is defined as a sheet floating in the square on which a new space offered to the city is generated, which is accessed through the folds that have been generated on the surface of the paper.

Plaza de la Villa, Madrid, Spain

Project design year

NG.ARCH, architects Nacho Gimeno Arana & Laura Quintero Palfy: «We are an architecture studio that focuses on the design of different spaces, spaces with a different soul and sensitivity. The spaces that we generate seek to provide a viable and aesthetically adaptable solution to the existing reality. We try to reflect in drawings and images spaces that we imagine in our heads.»