Park «The Shelter»

Best Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
Park «The Shelter» is based on an established area to find oneself and play with forms and sensation, the way to make trees grow with new technologies, the way of dividing the spaces and the gesture towards the metaphorical is a premise To take into account, the refuge welcomes us and does not take us to a place of our dreams, every day we need more natural spaces within large cities, not only spaces that make us breathe, but also spaces that are capable of taking us by the hand of another world outside of our saturated realities, we need spaces that shelter us from all this chaos and transport us to a dream with our feet is the earth.

Havana, Cuba

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana.
Architect and designer. «My main activity is directed to the field of architectural design and 3D visualization. My team and I work professionally with architecture and simulation software.
office with residence in Cuba.»