Pavilion that Grows

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About the project
“A pavilion that grows!” The initial idea of imagining this pavilion started with the question “how to make sure that a small urban area is utilised fully and be made multi — functional and modular, especially in accommodating the dynamic needs and activities of the urban lifestyle?”
The pavilion is conceptualized as an urban space that evolves and grows over time, being adapted into different forms for various functions. Placed in a greatly contrasting urban setting, the literal ‘growth’ of the pavilion takes place as it houses a number of plants and grass species, which grow out of their initial confinement within the pavilion. As the surrounding ‘modern’ context of buildings age and weather, the pavilion comes to life — expanding and changing as per the needs and requirements of those in the city who use it.
Subconsciously, the application for the use of bamboo for creating urban nodes like these can then become hotspots or hubs of various activities throughout the city.

Gurugram, India

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Project published on IDHA Labs website as the winner for the Pavilion Design Competition

Applicants and authors of the project
Young architects based in New Delhi, Dhruv Shah, and Sneha Dhanuka have prior experiences of working in internationally acclaimed architecture offices, which include Studio Lotus, New Delhi and MPN and Partners, Hanoi. Their key interest areas in architecture lie in radical concepts, and a sustainable approach for building systems.