Restoration of glazed tile stove in Pogankin Chambers (17th century)
Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
Stoves in Pogankin Chambers were restored in compliance with the preservation assignment, based on thorough scientific research, as well as archeological excavations. The authors were to make the stoves dating back to the 17th century look as the original evidence from the old times. For instance, during the works, the original foundations were discovered, which were rather different from the modern ones.
In 2019, scientific excavations around the site resulted in an extensive collection of polychromic tiles, and this helped to learn more about their dimensions, color palettes, and production technology. Together with the museum, the designers developed the methods and project for the stove recovery.

Pskov, Russia

Project implementation year

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Elena Uvarova

Authors of the project
Novy Gorod Design Bureau

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