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Personifying the concept of eclecticism, dynamic and change, but meanwhile with a monumental character, the building outside has a strong urban public space. It is one infrastructure for people, bringing them together, giving them the places to socialize, explore and interpret, but also providing them with intimacy, where everyone can have their adventure on their own and figure out the meaning behind the architecture symbols. The building outside itself is like a giant vertical promenade, square, where every one of the giant «bricks» has a different function (art studios, ateliers, library, different shops, cafes, bars etc.) and has the main entrance from outside. While climbing the “giant bricks” outside through different stairs and bridges people experience architecture, it is given a freedom to their curiosity, finally reaching the highest level where the «red brick» is places and going on the other side, where the wooden tribunes are, facing the sea and the historical city center.

Refshaleøen island, Copenhagen

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Applicant and author of the project
Marina Rumenova Nakova.
«I am recently graduated architect with a master degree from the University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy (UACEG), Sofia, Bulgaria. For me architecture has always been a passion and I think that the designing concept of buildings, interiors and spaces overall should tell a story, emphasize on the character of the place. I use my projects as a manifesto of the meaning behind architecture, about architecture as an art, as a way to provoke and inspire.»