PYRAMIDES — The origin of the first modern cities

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About the project
The PYRAMIDES project aims to offer an alternative to the architects of the past. That of building new cities based on the same divine laws. Through which the people and the pharaohs would cohabit together.
This city is organized around an oasis. It keeps an ecological reserve in its core where wild flora and fauna share a common shelter protected from the sun. Functioning as a green lung and natural air conditioner.
In the very heart of the city and the oasis there is also a place of worship dedicated to prayer where all roads converge. As for the royal tomb, the basements protect the relics and sarcophagus of their pharaoh.
Located along the banks of the Nile, the water provides continuous protection against major attacks from certain looters and settlers. The low depths prevent the approach of large pirate ships. And the single narrow access facing the city limits the regrouping of large armies.

The banks of the Nile, Egypt

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Applicant and author of the project
Adam Fernandez, graduate of the National Superior School of Architecture, Versailles; architect at Atelier COS architecture et patrimoine, Paris