Railway Station

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The design module is inspired by the traditional texture. Each unit consists of 5 * 5 modules. Modules can be shaped according to different areas and needs. A modular wooden structure system, designed for disassembly suitable for different settlements and characters, which can be prefabricated, packaged and quickly assembled on site is proposed. The modules generate and store their own energy with solar panels on the roofs. It allows storing rainwater and provides an ecological building model with green roofs. In this way, a sustainable and CO2 reduction approach is presented. Modules are open to innovations over time and can take on new functions as needed. Modules are produced from timber materials, which are sustainable resources, can be built quickly and require minimal labor. Natural lighting and ventilation is provided by creating the entire structure of natural timber materials. 

Rural Settlement, United Kingdom

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Conceptual design

Applicant and authors of the project
Ömer Özeren was born in 1992 in Samsun. He received his master's degree in Selcuk University Faculty of Architecture in 2018 with a research on re-functioning options in historical buildings. He completed his undergraduate education in Architecture at Hasan Kalyoncu University in 2015 with a full scholarship. He continues his doctoral studies at Konya Technical University with his work on Traditional Turkish Houses. Today, he continues his working life as a lecturer at Karabuk University.
Project by Ömer Özeren & Edibe Begüm Özeren.