Rainforest House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The concept is living between walls. Within the composition, six large-scale bearing axes that become permeable walls, generating the program and guiding the user to a connection between the house and the tropical rainforest but keeping it private towards the collective environment. Consequently, the house is «L» shaped with two opaque sides, formed by solid walls with punctual openings that contrast with two mainly transparent sides characterized by large windows that open into the garden and the tropical rainforest. The house is placed on the ground adapting to the existing sloped topography. Therefore, a cantilevered volume of almost six meters is generated in the main facade in front of the access road. Particular attention has been reserved, at the design stage, to energy efficiency. 

Clayton, Panama City, Panama

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Applicant and authors of the project
dos G arquitectos.
Established in 2010 in Panama by Ginnette Gotti and Ivan Grippaldi. The different professional training and cultural background of the two co-founder find a balance on each project that through the «contamination» that could be cultural, formal, style, etc. is enriched with an added value. We design and develop projects at different scales, ranging from the object to the housing unit to the urban scale and this gives us the opportunity to face each one with greater sensitivity and empathy.
Ginnette Gotti e Ivan Grippaldi.

Other participants
Client: Clayton Investment Inc.
Contractor: Clayton Heights Properties
Photos: Tirone Garcia