Regenerative Living

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About the project
The Regenerative Living project is a showcase proposal for how to design truly resilient and sustainable communities. Such communities are designed with economic, social and environmental capital in mind, transforming disenfranchised communities through the principles of a circular economy into places fit for the ecological era.
This mixed-use development is a sustainable neighbourhood where residents can benefit from organic, locally grown food. The so-called “bioms” are used for local food production which goes to the local market. All the organic waste, including waste from neighbouring areas, is being re-used for energy production to develop circular economy. Residents can also enjoy co-living, co-working and public spaces such as the local community centre designed with adults, elderly and kids in mind, and also attractive landscape design that features a river stream which has been diverted towards the neighbourhood with public places for outdoor community gatherings.

Liverpool, the UK

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Applicants and authors of the project
Lace Architecture.
We are an international team of young architects based in London who collaborate on a project basis. Our mission is to create spaces and places which enhance people’s health and wellbeing, and we call that regenerative architecture. Our common interests are rooted in disciplines and techniques such as biomimicry, biophilic design and parametric design tools which help us on our way to realise our mission.
Yuliya Marina, Omar Kaliyaev, Yaniv Peer, Alexander Valakh.

Other participants
Visualisation by Mihai Burloiu