Regla’s Advanced Mediateque (ReAdMe)

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About the project
Regla’s Advanced Mediateque (ReAdMe) is proposed as a place with means of production and generation of knowledge, a platform for innovation and integration of all types of public.
ReAdMe aims to be a pioneer in Cuba in the use of new programs and activities to improve the methodologies in the development of teaching, culture and technology, mainly during the process of transition to the digital age.
Its architectural solution proposes the use of the architectural codes of the Cuban Modern Movement and the use of local construction materials, it adapts to the context and climatic conditions of Cuba and takes advantage of its location and geographical orientation to achieve adequate environmental comfort.
The premises are based on the relationships between interior/exterior and public/private, focused on local and national folklore, in addition to providing solutions to the existing conflicts between the different realities of Cuba nowadays.

Regla, Havana, Cuba 

Project design year

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Applicant and author of the project
Jorge Luis Suárez Alfonso, architecture student in the Faculty of Architecture of the Technological University of Havana, CUJAE.


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