Reshaping The Hollowed-out Countryside

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About the project
The uncontrollable growth of cities over the years has directly interfered with the rural areas: small towns left behind due to lack of opportunities. Far from being the picturesque landscape we recall, the countryside is neglected and quickly turns into wasteland. This rural dilemma has taken a turn in the aftermath of the COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown since nowadays more people seek a vacation in contact with nature far from hustle and bustle of cities. However, rural areas are not equipped to sustain such incoming flow of population they so desperately need.
The strategy is to frame this unattended land through an inhabited wall and thus enhance its fertility. This new boundary treats the existing village as a redoubt to be preserved and in homage to its vernacular constructions the perimeter is bush-hammered revealing the stones beneath its surface and carving the new housing spaces to cope with the new residents. Framing to highlight its value.

Peralvillo village, Ciudad Real, Spain

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Applicant and author of the project
Gonzalo López Elorriaga.
 Master of Architecture from the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid and graduated with honors. He has taken part in international architecture idea competitions obtaining prizes and recognition as a student, along with honors in the Final Degree Project and Final Master Thesis while working in different architecture studios.