Residence 0110

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
Residence 0110 is located on a typical Barcelona chamfered block. The project is a square, intended to be the heart of the house, and an adjacent triangle, making the chamfer’s rotation. There are only four rooms, as in the villas of Palladio.
A continuous strip of black oak runs through several walls, entering the triangle and finishing off the kitchen’s lower part: it is the material that unites initially separate spaces. This stripe is interrupted by the doors of the rooms, of stainless steel, same material that finishes off the kitchen upper parts. The rest is mostly white, with exception of the bookcase’s wall, with a trimmed background of pale pink, same color found on the triangle’s floor and ceiling. As a remnant of the former structure, the central pillar is brass cladded, highlighting its importance.
It is a sober and elegant universe, at the same time with playful and fresh counterpoints, reflective and matt, smooth and rough, simple and complex: a home.

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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Additional information
The project has been extensively published in media, like WallPaper, Baunetz, AD (Russia, Spain, Germany...), Elle Decoration, Dwell, Frame Magazine.

Applicant and authors of the project
Raul Sanchez Architects.
Award winning architecture and design practice based in Barcelona. Raúl Sánchez is a graduated architect from the architecture school in Granada, Spain. Since 2005, he resides and works in Barcelona developing a professional activity which escapes specialization in order to cover all types of work and projects related to architecture, interiorism, urbanism, and design. Regardless of the type, scale, location or budget, every new work is a new challenge.