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Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
This summer house is located in a sloped site in countryside São Paulo (Brazil). As it is a corner lot, the access was solved in the higher side, allowing the residence to face North and have a free view of a beautiful valley.
The services volume placed perpendicularly to the access street, is slightly twisted as it becomes the social volume on the second pavement. In this delicate inflexion emerges a two-story hall, highlighting the entrance and vertical circulations.
Contrasting to the open horizontality of the house, a cantilevered volume is place for a more closed and intimate room. The pool area juts perpendicularly from the house main body, offering a promenade until the cantilevered pergola, which shades the spa area. White walls, wood and concrete define the project's main finishing materials.

São Paulo, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos was founded in 1987 by Henrique Reinach e Maurício Mendonça. It has received many prizes, such as Young Architects Awards IAB-SP (1993) and Office of The Year AsBEA (2003). It has participated in many expositions both in Brazil and outside, and has had projects featured in numerous architectural publications, as «Award Winning Architecture International Yearbook 1998/99», «Private Rio» (New York), «Glass Houses» (Spain), “1000x Architecture of the Americas” (Germany).
Project by Henrique Reinach, Mauricio Mendonça

Other participants
Team: Ana Carolina Rasga, Claudia Bigoto, Daniela Sopas, Douglas Morilhão, Felipe Barba, Fernanda Vilaça, Gabriel Mendonça, Gabriel Penna, Giovanna Federico, Guilherme Sampaio, Luana Lopes, Mayara Ready, Nathalia Grippa, Rodrigo Nakajima, Tadeu Ferreira, Taís Vieira, Victor Gonçalves, Tony Chen.

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