Restoration of Arsenal Hall in Gatchina Palace

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The Arsenal Hall of about 600 m2 is the largest room in the Gatchina Palace. After the reign of Nicholas I, it had been the favorite rest room for all the royal family members, but during the Great Patriotic War its interior decorations were literally ruined, when the invaders located here there car repair workshops. After the war, these premises were used by Electronstandard R&D Works.
It was only in 2011 that they decided to return this room to the museum exposition. It took about 10 years to open the Arsenal Hall for attendance again. Many memorial pieces — paintings, porcelain, furniture, trophies, and sculptures – were restored. The designers managed to recreate some unique pieces, too — lamps, the swings, and the fireplace.

Gatchina, Leningrad Region, Russia

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Gatchina Museum Reserve

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Revival of St. Petersburg Ltd.

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