Riviera Park

Best Implemented Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
This is the first modern public space in Sochi designed by ab2.0 architectural bureau on the order of Metropolis CG. In 2020, Stage 1 was implemented at the lower part of the embankment. Key elements of the park are the wooden sunset amphitheater combined with a 24-meter cascade ramp staircase, a workout zone and hardscape elements, specially designed for the project.
Stage 2 was completed and opened to visitors in 2021. The project provided for rearrangement of the beach main entrance and the upper section of the embankment. The architects saved the promenade, removed all the kiosks and revitalized the small park.
The finishing features natural materials and basic hues, which contrast on the unique beauty of the construction site. Reconstruction of the Riviera Embankment is expected to be finished in 2022.

Sochi, Russia

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