Rotterdam Culinary Center

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About the project
In order to consolidate the positive dynamics that Dutch gastronomy has experienced in the last decade, the construction of a Culinary Center is proposed in Rotterdam. The project is located in the Vierhavensblok area, an area of marked industrial and port nature immersed in an urban regeneration process that is promoting the functional and constructive recycling of many existing structures.
The culinary center lies in a hybrid building where teaching and communal living coexist, and it aims to become an icon of the city. The building respects and interacts with the low-density neighborhood scale and its materials.
The building concentrates its most extensive and public program on the ground floor, which is structurally resolved in reinforced concrete and offers multipurpose services to the most specific culinary areas. The residential area is situated in the two upper floors, achieving greater privacy; and it’s covered with a lighter structure based on metal frames.

Vierhavensblok, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Juan Teixeira.
Qualified 5th year architecture student at the University of Navarra, Spain. «I develop impressive design and rendering skills and prove myself to be an efficient, and diligent worker. During the degree, I have done internships in a studio specialized in sustainable architecture; and I have also collaborated for two years with three prestigious architecture studios in Spain, where I took part in the architectural design, 3d models and the final renderings of the project.»