Royal Palace

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
The “Royal Palace Project” was defined as a super-luxury and landmark building with the classic architectural style.
The building has 14 floors: 3 underground floors including the common areas and parking lots, the ground floor for a luxurious, high-rise lobby, 8 apartment units in the next 8 floors, and finally two – specially designed — penthouses in the top two floors.
Since classical buildings are almost identical in their general form, I tried to create a distinctive special perspective by using volumetric hierarchies, fills and blanks, visual separations in the façade design, colored materials, and finally specially-designed detailed elements in the façade.
I also created the splendor I wanted for the entrance space to this landmark building, with a volumetric retreat, the use of stairs, and a special and luxurious landscape design.

Andarzgou blvd, Tehran, Iran 

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Gelareh Barzegar: «Receiving my M.S (with merit) in Architecture from Sh. Beheshti Uni, I concentrated my work on luxury bldgs. (Residential, offices, commercial, villas, and interior design). In the past 18 yrs, I have managed teams in several companies as the Head Architect. Currently, I`m running my own office Gelareh Barzegar Design Group.
Architecture is my passion, due to its dynamic nature that intertwines with the sense of time, sense of place, and culture of people, in collaboration with the defined functional purpose of the project.»